Sunday, February 28, 2010

Easter Bunny Baskets!!!

I am teaching a kids craft class at Mister Turtle in a few weeks... we are making these cute Easter Bunny baskets and filling them with decorated plastic eggs ready to be filled with candy!

I've made these lots of times before, and my kids always love making these baskets, so I'm sure other kids will have lots of fun with them too!

The bunny head is cut from Doodlecharms Cricut Cartridge 3.5" on blackout feature, as I like to draw my own face! and the Eggs are also from Doodlecharms on real dial size at 1"
Even has a cute fluffy tail and feet on the back!!!

Thanks for Looking & Happy Crafting!



  1. OMG how cute are they?!?!?!

  2. These are so adorable! What a fantastic idea! Very creative. Still smiling!

  3. Oh My Gosh ....those are just tooo cute!!!