Sunday, January 3, 2010

Buggy Bling!!!

I was inspired by the Bazzill Jewel Templates that I purchased yesterday... so I decided to make my own on my Gypsy... What better project to start with than something to decorate my Cricut Expression as she's been jealous of everyone else's blinged bugs lately!!!

I used the Cricut Bug Head Logo on Store Front Cartridge, which I don't own, but I used it as a template and then used circles from Plantin Schoolbook to make my bling template. I then cut it out on vellum and laid it on my Expression as a template to stick Kaiser rhinestones.

I think Miss Pixie Gypsy is pretty clever!!! :-)

If I can work out how to share the file, I'm happy to share... I'm going to make a few tiny modifications first though... this was my first attempt!


Thanks for looking and happy crafting!


  1. Thanks Sharon for the file, you did an amazing job, I can't wait to decorate my E with a little bling bling bug!!!!!

  2. * giggles * .. love how you said " ... I even have my Gypsy listed on my home contents insurance ... " ..

    love it when we know where our priorities stand!!

    so glad to be back in the crafting world again - you are inspirational ...

    hugs.. lizzieS

  3. Absolutely adorable! I would love this on my E! But in Pink as I have the pink E

  4. Hi Sharon, here is a link to my blog if you would like to see the buggy bling you inspired me to make, I did create my own file, before you posted yours, but I had fun doing it, thought you might like to see it.Thanks for the GREAT idea, The real post is about the Bug clock I made, but you can see the buggy bling on my E so I linked everyone to your blog to get your file, since you can see it in the pictures of my clock