Friday, December 25, 2009

How I made my Gypsy Stylus Charms...

Hi Everyone,
I've been getting requests to show how I made the Charm for my Gypsy Stylus.

This is my first ever beading project so I have no idea of the technical terms... I'll do my best to explain...

You will need:
Pre-made lanyard string (I found a pack of 10 at a bead store or at a hobby store in the bead section)
a piece of wire with a looped end (I bought them like this but you could make one)
a jump ring (circle of wire that's not closed)
selection of pretty beads
and a pretty charm!
You will also need:
Round nose pliers and flat end pliers, if one of these doesn't have a wire cutter, you'll need a cutter too!

Thread your beads onto the wire up to the loop.
Then you'll need to cut the excess wire to leave just the width of your pinkie finger.

Use the round nose pliers to loop the other end of the wire and then bend it back on itself.
Attach your charm to the open loop and then close it off... (I'd removed the extra loop on the charm... but it's still in the photo)
Then use the jump ring to connect the lanyard string to the looped wire.
Do this by hooking it through the lanyard first and then loop is easy to add on. Use both pliers to close the ring... the flat end ones to hold it steady and the round ones to close the ring.

Thread the string through the loop of the stylus.
Then thread the charm and beads through the string loop... pull it tight.

All done... now you'll find it easier to pull the stylus out of the Gypsy and it'll look fantastic too!!!

Thanks for looking & happy crafting!



  1. Gonna have to make one - very good instructions by the way

  2. Hi!
    Wow, this is very pretty, thanks for the instructions.

  3. They are so cool, thanks for the instructions, one day i might need them :)