Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Happy Birthday to ME!!!

My parents so lovingly gave me airfares to the East coast of Australia, Queensland to visit my Cricut MB friend FiFi... Mum's stuck with my monster children for a whole week... she'll need a holiday by the end of the week!!! But it's the BEST birthday present EVER!!! Oh how I needed a week away from reality and this is certainly the best place to come...

Today is Australia Day and also my 30th Birthday... I'm having the best time over here in QLD... lots of fun, crafting, laughing, eating and drinking... wish I didn't have to go home! Fi and her family have been so generous letting me stay with them for the whole week...

Fi made me this amazing Kaiser album... all the local mb girls are going to sign it...
Here's the inside... now I know why she insisted I go shopping with her DH and DD... she used MY Sweet Treats cartridge for this cut!!! LOVE IT!

Happy Crafting... and enjoy your Australia Day!

Sharon, xxx

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  1. Happy Birthday Sharon!!!
    sounds like you are haveing a great day with your friends.
    my son turned 17 on the 25th, I think I am to young to have a 17 year old LOL