Tuesday, December 15, 2009

2009 Teachers gifts... more etched glasses!!!

While I'm on a roll with the glass etching... might as well whip up a few for Phoebe to give to all her teachers tomorrow before they finish the school year... her pre-primary class has an amazing teacher and 3 assistants which help both classes... Phoebe has really blossomed this year and it's all due to the positive and encouraging environment they offer the children each day.

I love this beautiful font on Lyrical letters... it's not a clear photo... the letters spell 'Caterina'... I need to learn the macro setting on my new digital SLR!!! I'm still learning what all the buttons do!!!
Thanks to Tash for letting me link her Lyrical letters cartridge as mine didn't arrive in time... why does the post man take so long to bring me new toys???
I would have liked to put a flourish or flower on each glass, but I used up a whole bottle of etching cream on over 80 glass mugs... I can't wait to try another project one day, I'm keen to do etch a border on a mirror to go in the front foyer...

Thanks for looking & happy crafting!!!


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