Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Phoebe's class Christmas Gifts 2009

This year Phoebe and I made "Sour Cream Containers" (tutorial can be found HERE)

It was actually much quicker than making cards... took about 3 hours in total to produce 30 of them! We started over a week ago, but the project was put aside to work on the glass etching.

I was able to churn out the tags super fast on my Gypsy using Winter Woodland Cricut Cartridge and Phoebe did the glueing... then she wrote "from Phoebe" on the backs of all the tags. She ticked off the list of her classmates as I wrote the names on the front of the tags...

She also helped fill them with jelly beans and then turned the handle on the crimper to seal the ends. Phoebe helped me sort the little bells and put them on wire rings to hang on the tags... the tags can be pulled out of the hole in the container and hung on the Christmas tree once it's been ripped open and the jelly beans eaten!
Here's a close up...

We had lots of fun doing this project together...
Thanks for looking & happy crafting,


  1. I did this same project with my 6 yr old grandson Dawson for his kindergarten class. I loved doing it. Very cute and easy project for kids to help with.

  2. These look awesome. I love them so much I'm going to give these a try this weekend. Thanks for sharing. You always have the best ideas.